“Tula Pink – A Life in Repeat”

Tula Pink
Tula Pink at the 2017 AQM.

For AQM 2017 we were delighted to have Tula Pink present ‘A Life in Repeat’. Speaking to a full house in the AQM Theatre Hall, Tula Pink walked us through the entire design and marketing process of one of her fanciful fabric collections from start to finish. So much of a fabric collection happens “off cloth” and all of those little details are what makes the difference between a collection that sells and one that doesn’t. Great design is expected but the full vision is what sells it.

Please visit this page again soon for news on the 2018 AQM Special Guest Presenter!

A bit about Tula Pink:

Tula Pink is an American textile designer, Author and quilt maker with a dark sense of humour buried in a sea of print and patterns. She plays with images the way a poet plays with words, turning innocuous traditional designs into mischievous little critters. Her love affair with textiles began early, and an obsession with sewing soon followed. Several years and more than 25 fabric collections later, design is her true passion. Tula began quilting in an effort to use up her ever-growing stash of fabric so she could justify buying more.

Twenty years later, she has a lot of quilts and more fabric than when she started. For more information on Tula Pink visit: www.tulapink.com

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: @tulapink