Anna Maria Horner
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Anna Maria Horner

Above: Anna Maria Horner

'Color Dive' Quilt
Below: See Anna's Color Dive Quilt at AQM.

Color Dive

'Home' Crewel Work
By Anna Maria Horner

home crewel work

"The Making of Me"
For AQM 2016 we were delighted to have Anna Maria Horner present 'The Making of Me'. Anna Maria Horner is a Fabric Designer, Pattern Maker, Author and Artist as well as owner of "Craft South", a retail store in Nashville Tennessee. Anna Maria Horner shared her path as an artist and designer. Presentation included an extensive slide show and many show and tell items as well as insight into the creative process and her background as an artist.

A bit about Anna Maria Horner:

Anna Maria Horner grew up in a house full of her dad's paintings and with a closet full of her mother's handi-work. As a child in the 70's, she passed up the $1.79 Barbie dresses in Service Merchandise, opting instead to create designs from her mother's fabric scraps. A simple start to a diverse path. After graduating with honors from an Arts Degree, Anna Maria opened 'Handmaiden', a clothing and housewares boutique. Eventually, the label was offered to the wholesale market, where it was sold at several stores across the country. During her years as a retailer/designer, Anna Maria had her hands in almost every medium on a daily basis. Designing clothing served an interest that she had since childhood. Her love of fabrics and patterns also spilled onto the canvas. Her paintings, both small and large scale, are part of hundreds of private and commercial collections. Anna Maria's fresh perspective within traditional markets and her vision of being surrounded by the work of her own hands has led her to partnering with more than two dozen manufacturers to design homewares, gift items, textiles, authoring three sewing books, and publishing a continuing collection of sewing and needlework patterns. Her focus has intensified in the craft and creative industry where her heart has always been.

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'Anna Maria Horner in her Studio'
Anna Maria Horner Studio Picture

Today Anna Maria and her husband, Jeff make their home on a rambling and not overly maintained two acres of happiness in Nashville. Their seven children range in age from 2 months to 24 years. Together they embrace both the charming wonders and the imperfect moments of raising a large family. She is incredibly thankful to be able to seek out her artisitic goals in the presence of their encouragement and is constantly inspired by the spontaneity and tempo of it all.

'Folk Flower' Quilt
Folk Flower Quilt
By Anna Maria Horner